The Big Pineapple is owned by successful Queensland businessmen, Brad Rankin and Peter Kendall, who have extensive construction and development experience.

Brad and Peter understand that many people have a connection with the Big Pineapple, and would like the site to again become a vibrant regional destination.

Peter and Brad have already made significant investment in the restoration and reactivation of the site to enable the re-opening of the Big Pineapple.

Brad and Peter also assisted with the relocation of the former Alma Park Zoo, now called Wildlife HQ, and introduced the successful Big Pineapple Music Festival.

Following these investments and initiatives, Brad and Peter are now looking to further extend the Big Pineapple tourism and visitor experience.

Their vision is to restore and sustain the profile of the Big Pineapple as a major tourism destination, showcasing the Sunshine Coast lifestyle and produce, drawing upon its heritage and values.

Here is the latest news about the Big Pineapple: 170126_Big_Pineapple_Media_Release