Yesterday's Big Pineapple

Explore the iconic Big Pineapple’s proud history!

Queensland’s Icon

The Sunshine Plantation’s Big Pineapple!

In 1971 when calculators were cutting edge technology, the Sunshine Coast and Tourism Queensland celebrated the opening of Qld’s BIG thing!  Moo Moo’s and aprons were the uniforms and exceptional customer service was enjoyed.

Roadside attractions are built to gain the attention of passing traffic and the Big Pineapple certainly achieved that.  At 16 metres tall, visitors in their thousands enjoyed the iconic stature and views from the observation deck.  Passing the pineapple daily were train rides, Nut Mobile rides and animals from the petting zoo.  All this was surrounded by rich farming and local produce was celebrated.

For an extensive look at the history of our icon, we reference Kerry Brown’s publication, Our Sweetest Icon.  Sunshine Plantation’s Big Pineapple 1971 – 2011.

Heritage listed!

The Big Pineapple is now heritage listed and cherished by Government, Queensland Tourism and the Sunshine Coast community.  Along with the iconic “big fruit”, the Pineapple Train and the railway tracks are heritage listed.

Every Queenslander knows the Big Pineapple and most have a story to tell, most involving childhood memories. Visit our Facebook page today and tell your story… you won’t be alone.

Visit the heritage listed Big Pineapple today to see part of Australian history!

Your Memories!

The Big Pineapple has welcomed many famous and royal visitors including Prince Charles & Lady Diana.  The landmark was honoured with the first ever annual Tourism Award for tourist development from the Australian National Travel Association.

We encourage all past visitors and employees to share their photos with our current Big Pineapple team.  We embrace the memories and want to keep them alive via our digital media so please share on Facebook or email us.
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The Nut Factory & Petting Zoo!

Yesterday’s Big Pineapple also saw the home of the CSR Macadamia Factory and Queensland Nuts.  The macadamia plantation was showcased with the Nut house, displays and the iconic Nut Mobile.  This building is currently under refurbishment and will add another memorable function location.

The petting zoo was also a great memory where kids enjoyed the farm animal experience.  This structure has now been adopted by Wildlife HQ and is the animal petting area still today.