Sunshine Coast residents could soon experience the thrill of flying through the trees on the country’s largest high ropes and zipline course, as TreeTop Challenge looks to establish a new venture at the Big Pineapple.

TreeTop Challenge is seeking approval to establish a new high ropes adventure and zipline course amongst mature stands of trees on the Big Pineapple site.

As part of the site’s renewal, Big Pineapple Development Manager Jim Costello said the TreeTop challenge would be an exciting addition to the region and would complement the Big Pineapple master plan’s focus on nature-based and activity-based tourism.

“Throughout our consultation stakeholders suggested new attractions such as adventure activities suitable for all ages, and this is reflected in our master plan and this application,” Mr Costello said.

“The TreeTop Challenge is a unique adventure course, consistent with our vision to sustain the Big Pineapple’s natural environment, while re-establishing the site as a major tourism destination for locals and visitors to the region.

“Establishing Australia’s largest high ropes course at the Big Pineapple will be a huge drawcard for the Sunshine Coast.”

TreeTop Challenge General Manager David Taylor said that the Sunshine Coast course would be designed to fit the natural topography of the Big Pineapple site, just as they had achieved at sites across the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

“When assessing sites, we don’t arrive with any preconceptions, so we take advantage of the natural topography and mature trees to create unique experiences, best suited to the site. We are respectful of the existing vegetation. You could walk 20 metres past this low impact activity and not even realise it’s there,” Mr Taylor said.

Mr Taylor said the Big Pineapple course could cater up to 200 visitors at a time and will offer around 120 different challenges within the trees.

“It’s a unique activity, suitable for people of all ages, and we are extremely excited at the potential to set up on the Sunshine Coast,” Mr Taylor said.

“Our vision perfectly aligns with the renewal of the Big Pineapple site, and there will be nothing quite like this in the region.

“The course is as good as the environment, and the section of forest at the Big Pineapple where we are planning to locate is among some of the most suited to our style of adventure on the Coast. People may remember some of this forest when touring on the nutmobile, years ago.”

If approved, Mr Taylor said he would spend between six and eight months on the Sunshine Coast building the course with a team of six construction experts.

“When building our courses, we walk the equipment to minimise any disruption to the natural environment. It’s an agile approach to building, as the forest continues to grow around us,” he said.

Mr Taylor said The TreeTop Challenge would offer job opportunities for locals with an interest in the outdoors and adventure tourism.

Another step in the renewal of the Big Pineapple: Nature based tourism is a big part of the Big Pineapple master plan. The master plan includes an events space, educational facilities, eco-tourism, eco-accommodation and a theme park, to enhance the iconic site’s natural assets and tourism experience.

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Speaking points:

  • The Treetops Challenge development application seeks approval to introduce a new attraction – adventure based tourism to the Sunshine Coast
  • A high ropes and zipline course has long been sought on the Sunshine Coast, and it’s great that the Big Pineapple can host this new attraction
  • This announcement adds to the range of new attractions planned at the Big Pineapple, as we undertake a concerted renewal program
  • This is part of our vision to establish a significant ecotourism offer at the Big Pineapple
  • We are pleased to team up with Treetops Challenge who have run successful zipline courses at Currumbin and Mount Tamborine over many years
  • The course will be around 2km in length, with zipline sections spanning between 30m-120m in length
  • There will be 6 distinct sections, with different grades of challenge and excitement
  • The course will take about half a day to complete
  • We are hopeful that Council approval can be achieved in early 2018
  • Construction will follow, which will take around 6 months to complete
  • So, we are hopeful that people will enjoy the TreeTops Challenge from Spring 2018
  • We want to facilitate more employment here at the Sunshine Coast hinterland, and we are pleased that this attraction will generate between 15-20 new jobs
  • The facility is in complete harmony with the vegetation and topography, and there will be no tree clearing
  • Strong and healthy trees are surveyed and selected, and the course is attached to these trees, and there is no damage or harm to the trees

(Expected to be open between 8.00am-5.00pm, almost all days of the year – for other operational questions, explain that we will provide more detail after the Council approval and closer to opening, and these details will be determined by the operator etc.)