Planning is underway to renew and modernise the Big Pineapple experience

The Big Pineapple reopened in recent years, with progressive repair and improvements under new ownership.

In addition to the iconic Big Pineapple structure, visitor centre and train, the site is home to a popular zoo. The site also hosts an annual music festival and other events, along with small businesses and community uses.

While the Big Pineapple currently has low visitation compared to historic levels, planning is underway to renew and sustain the future of the  Sunshine Coast’s most famous icon.

The team looks forward to providing future announcements about new events and attractions, building on the success of the Big Pineapple Music Festival which was recently awarded one of the top 10 regional music festivals by Qantas.

Planning is underway to renew the Big Pineapple experience

The Big Pineapple team is planning to facilitate an updated, sustainable destination, with contemporary entertainment and attractions.

While the Big Pineapple structure will always be featured and maintained, new attractions, services and experiences are planned to provide for generations into the future, rather than directly replicating the tourism offer which was popular in the 1970s and 1980s.