Our Big Pineapple Residents

Meet our residents we share the Big Pineapple property with!

WildLife HQ, Qld Zoo

Wildlife HQ, Qld Zoo is an intimate boutique zoo of native and exotic animals on the Sunshine Coast QLD.

The story of Queensland Zoo is akin to the story of Noah’s Ark. Zoo owner, Julie Seabrook and her team of dedicated Keepers, undertook the mammoth task of moving 200 animals from Alma Park Zoo to their new home at the Big Pineapple in 2014. If you thought moving home was tough, try packing a herd of Indian Blackbuck, Red Pandas, troops of South American monkeys, a bearcat, packs of dingos and more!

Catch the Pineapple Train from the Big Pineapple to Koala Station and visit the zoo today!  Or if you don’t have time to visit the zoo, catch the train and wave to the animals as you toot toot past!

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation sees it role in the community as assisting educators and parents in the education of children about their personal safety, by funding the development of child safety educational resources; assisting young victims of crime through financial support in addition to that provided by Government agencies; and empowering all Australians to make their own local communities safer places for children.

The Big Pineapple is not just the home of the foundation, but we are proud Platinum Sponsor of the foundation supporting the work they do in the Sunshine Coast community and child safety awareness Australia wide.

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