The Big Pineapple site is open every day from 9am till 4pm. The Pineapple Train is open every day from 9am-4pm with the last train leaving at 3:30pm. 

We are taking great care to abide by COVID-19 guidelines. To ensure our guests can practice physical distancing we are currently only using every second carriage on our train. Because of this you may experience some delays and longer wait times. In busy periods, for example during the school holiday period and weekends, the train will only be available to people visiting and returning from the zoo.

Currently guests are unable to climb inside the Big Pineapple structure. 

We have a souvenir store which stocks a range of novelty and retro pineapple themed mementos.

There is no entry fee to visit the Big Pineapple site. To ride on the train, everyone pays the kids’ price of $5, and there are separate charges to visit the zoo and to complete the TreeTop Challenge course.

More information including prices is listed below.

For all phone enquiries about the TreeTop Challenge attraction please call 1300 881 446. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL.

For all phone enquiries about the Wildlife HQ Zoo please call 0428 660 671


The Big Pineapple renewal team plans to deliver updated, sustainable and contemporary entertainment and attractions, with an emphasis on nature-based and activity-based tourism.


TreeTop Challenge 

The exciting next chapter of our renewal is the opening of a new TreeTop Challenge high ropes and zipline course at the Big Pineapple. 

TreeTop Challenge is one of Queensland’s premier ecotourism operators, as recognised through a gold Queensland tourism award. The Big Pineapple course is set to become their highest and most exciting course, adding to other successful high ropes and zipline courses in the Gold Coast and Scenic Rim.

The new course is being constructed across eight acres, within the mature trees that backdrop the Big Pineapple structure and original buildings. There will be about 120 activities across the two kilometre course, with a variety of challenges including a 120m zipline. The course will take around half a day to complete.

TreeTop Challenge is an example of the type and quality of ecotourism experience to be facilitated at the Big Pineapple. The TreeTop Challenge course is designed and being constructed with the greatest consideration to the natural environment through retention and protection of trees. 

The TreeTop Challenge attraction is consistent with our vision to sustain the Big Pineapple’s natural environment, while re-establishing the site as a major tourism destination for locals and visitors to the region.

For all phone enquiries about our new TreeTop Challenge attraction please call 1300 881 446.



Big Pineapple Train

Departing every half-hour, enjoy a journey through the terrain of the Big Pineapple. The heritage listed Pineapple Train explores the rainforest, orchids, bamboo forest and passes our neighbouring zoo animals. Please also note due to the steep and curvy track, operation of the train is weather permitting. The price for everyone is our kids’ rate of $5 per person.

We are taking great care to abide by COVID-19 guidelines. To ensure our guests can practice physical distancing we are currently only using every second carriage on our train. Because of this you may experience some delays and longer wait times. In busy periods, for example during the school holiday period and weekends, the train will only be available to people visiting and returning from the zoo.



In 2014, when Brisbane’s Alma Park Zoo was closed for a housing development, Julie Seabrook and her dedicated team of zoo keepers relocated and built a new zoo for the animals at the iconic Big Pineapple.

Wildlife HQ is home to a huge range of Australian and Exotic animal species including Queensland's only Sun Bear Maly.

The zoo is home to over 200 animal species from around the world and boasts one of the largest collections of primates in Queensland.

Wildlife HQ is a ZAA (Zoo & Aquarium Association) Accredited facility and is involved in a number of national endangered species management and breeding programs.  Positive animal welfare is the priority of the zoo keepers at Wildlife HQ.

The Zoo is set in a relaxed rainforest environment that allows visitors to explore the naturalistic grounds and meet some truly unique and fascinating animals.

You can even book an up-close-and-personal photo encounter with some of your favourite animals. This includes feeding monkeys; meerkats and red pandas. You can even cuddle a koala or a boa constrictor upon booking. By providing unique and memorable animal encounters the zoo aims to inspire visitors to take part in wildlife conservation.

The zoo is open every day from 9am - 4pm, with the exception of Christmas Day. Please note last entry is at 3pm.

See pricing information here.

You can even catch the Big Pineapple Train to visit the zoo. The train stops at Koala Station every half hour.

Wildlife HQ is one of the Sunshine Coast's best value family days out and we hope to see you soon.

For all phone enquiries about the zoo please call 0428 660 671.




The Big Pineapple is an iconic food-tourism destination, with a history of showcasing and celebrating Queensland’s world-class produce. In the Big Pineapple’s heyday, it was the nation’s most popular tourism attraction, and is now making a come-back, with food again at the heart of our tourism offer. 

A feature of our master plan is to facilitate more on-site food and beverage production, with wholesale and retail food and beverage distribution, along with on-site food production demonstration and tasting. 

In the future we plan to diversify our offer, with demonstration farms, micro-breweries, distilleries, restaurants and a convention centre. 

COYO has joined the Big Pineapple team

COYO, an award winning leader in dairy free products, joined us in 2019. COYO produce many coconut yoghurt and ice cream products which are distributed across Australia, along with export distribution and international licensing.

The Big Pineapple will become COYO’s national headquarters based at the former Macadamia Nut factory, when refurbished. With an expanded production base at the Big Pineapple COYO will be able to further advance their market reach.

COYO founders, Henry and Sandra Gosling are true food pioneers, as they were the first to invent coconut-based yoghurt. It is a highly sought after vegan product for consumers who are seeking an organic, diary-free yoghurt. It is this type of innovation and drive that we will seek to foster at the Big Pineapple, as we become a hub of food R&D and production.


The expansion of COYO’s production at the Big Pineapple is another exciting chapter in the food-based renewal of the Sunshine Coast’s most famous icon.

Diablo Ginger Beer

We are excited to welcome Diablo Ginger Beer to the Big Pineapple.


A revved up re-invention of ginger beer, Diablo is a crafty blend of 13 balanced ingredients including herbs, spices and other natural ingredients.  


The mix gives Diablo Alcoholic Ginger Beer its distinctive taste, delivering unrivalled refreshment and flavour.  

The robust flavours and aromas are achieved through an exact process of ageing and maceration of its natural ingredients.  All made in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Crisp ginger, fresh lime and the subtle balance of chilli makes Diablo Alcoholic Ginger Beer 'Devilishly Refreshing' and easy drinking.

Drop in and see them at their POP-UP BAR, every Saturday including Growler sales (including exchange of empties) and Liqueur & Vodka Bottles sales. Why not come along and try a cocktail or two!

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Big Pineapple Music Festival

Following the announcement by Australian authorities that mass gatherings of people are to be suspended, the Big Pineapple Music Festival has been postponed to Saturday November 21 (*pending government announcements). For further information please contact Big Pineapple Music Festival

The Big Pineapple Fields provide a unique, iconic and relaxed place to host events within a natural, broadacre amphitheatre. The Big Pineapple Fields has been hosting successful music events since 2013.

The annual Big Pineapple Music Festival, held at the Big Pineapple Fields, hosts leading Australian music talent and regularly sells out. 

The festival has been awarded as the best music festival by the Queensland Music industry, and also recognised by Qantas as among the top 10 regional music events in Australia. 

We also hosted a sold-out Midnight Oil concert in October 2017, further demonstrating our ability to successfully host world-class music events.

On-site camping: We offer the convenient option to camp at the Big Pineapple for our evening music events, adding to the relaxed, festival feel.

For more information about the Big Pineapple Music Festival 




The return of the icon

The Big Pineapple is a national tourism and food icon based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Featuring a 16m fibreglass pineapple structure, historically the Big Pineapple drew over a million visits a year, being the most popular tourism attraction in Australia. 

The Big Pineapple site is currently undergoing renewal and transformation, guided by a whole of site master plan across the 170ha landholding. The large scale of the property provides great potential to host new attractions and again become a highly popular destination.

In addition to the iconic Big Pineapple structure, visitor centre and train, today the site is home to a popular zoo, the TreeTop Challenge high ropes and zipline course, in addition to our sell-out events program. 

With an expanding array of animals at Wildlife HQ and events such as our craft beer and cider expo, there are many reasons to re-discover the new Big Pineapple experience. 

A whole of site master plan to guide a successful, sustainable future

Following three years of intensive planning, research and consultation, a whole of site master plan is now guiding a successful, sustainable future for the Big Pineapple. 

Planned uses at the Big Pineapple include:

  • Food and tourism hub to showcase the region’s produce (the Big Pineapple experience) including craft brewery and fresh food produce outlet & F&B outlets

  • Tourism attractions, including a water park

  • Adventure and recreation, including TreeTop Challenge adventure course

  • Events space, supporting our highly successful music program, including the Big Pineapple Music Festival.

  • Accommodation including an RV park, glamping, eco-villas and hotel

  • Food production, R&D and distribution (which is commencing with COYO, an organic coconut yoghurt producer)

  • Travel centre including a service station

  • Educational elements including a school camp.


With 30ha of approved tourism uses and a master plan over the 140ha balance of the property, there are many opportunities for your business to be based at the Big Pineapple. 
The property has excellent transport linkages, and your business can be associated with one of the strongest food and tourism brands in the country. 

To discuss leasing and investment opportunities please contact us using the contact form below.



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The Big Pineapple has options for commercial leasing and investment.

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For all phone enquiries about our new TreeTop Challenge attraction please call 1300 881 446. PLEASE NOTE: BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL.

For all phone enquiries about the zoo please call 0428 660 671


For all Big Pineapple Music Festival related enquiries please visit the festival's website. Click here

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